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Duratech Chimney through roof peak

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  • Duratech Chimney through roof peak

    Hi all,

    I am contemplating how to finish my oven. I am leaning towards doing a full 'house' style enclosure to match my home. From the get go, I have wanted to use a Duratech chimney setup for easy and durability. In researching these items I am not sure how one would run the chimney through the roof. My oven and chimney are centered on stand and would be centered on the peak of the roof. In the Duratech line of products I don't see a flashing system for doing this.

    Admittedly I have no experience with this sort of thing. Do I need ot build a box off the roof top and then flash the chimney to that? Or is there another method? Pictures of what you have done would be appreciated.


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    Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

    See Dino's post #377.

    He has a cad drawing that you can use or modify to your needs and I'm sure he'd be flattered to have it used.. Again.



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      Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

      excellent, thanks to the both of you


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        Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

        You need a double thickness flue pipe to prevent the unlikely possibility of setting fire to your roof from the hot pipe.
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          Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak


          I used a Duratech system through a metal peaked roof:

          I cut the roofing material to within 1/8" of the chimney then used high heat caulk to seal it. I'm sure it's not to "code" but has worked really well (so far!).
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            Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

            Hi DHS,

            I didn't use a Duratech, but got a similar result with a 6" stainless inner and 10" galvanized outer and loose vermiculite in between.

            I've got a flat roof on mine (sloping backwards a little) with tiles; I just formed a square of mortar (reinforced with chicken wire) around the chimney for a fairly quick and cheap solution.

            Attached photo taken this morning in the rain - all seems OK so far.


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              Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

              thanks for the further input guys. Having seen what others have done, I feel confident I can move forward with my current plan and when the time comes create a 'joint' and flashing system of some sort to handle the through peak/ridge layout of the chimney.


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                Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

                I kind of boxed my chimney in with steel studs and cement board. You can get the idea of how it works here:
                Starting about post 73.

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                  Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

                  I poked my 8" Duratech right through the middle of the peak. My roofing choice was fibrous cement shakes over plywood decking (the only combustible theing in the entire oven. I kept the plywood 2" from the chimney and had a sheet metal shop make me a integrated flashing that snugs right down on the roof over most of the roofing. When I can figure out how to send a photo, I will.



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                    Re: Duratech Chimney through roof peak

                    I built a 12 x 12 form around ours and filled it with perlcrete, then stuccoed over the perlcrete. Its always cold to the touch.