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Tile to finish oven exterior

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  • Tile to finish oven exterior

    Hi everyone - new to this forum I've gotten so much information and many many good ideas here time to chime in and ask my first question. I have searched a bit and haven't come up with an answer one way or another. No one seems to have even discussed it. I've seen many inside ovens done with tile but none outside.

    I will be finishing my ovens vermiculite outer layers in the next day or two and was considering ways to finish the exterior. I would really like to do mosaic tile. Maybe something for kitchens or baths - the little one inch squares held together with mesh? I live in the Northeast, but I know some of my neighbors have tile hottubs. I was wondering if anyone could think of any reasons not to finish my oven with tile? Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for all the great ideas - sorry about the long first post


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    Re: Tile to finish oven exterior

    Go for it! it should work out good. I would recommend using a polymer modified thinset with an outdoor or pool rating for setting the tiles. I think you would be better off setting loose tiles, it will be hard to lay the tiles with the mesh backer over a hemisphere shaped oven.


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      Re: Tile to finish oven exterior

      There are a few folks here who have done an igloo/mosaic finish...Frances is one spectacular example that comes to mind. Lots of good photos and info if you do a search.

      I don't want to discourage you because I am a HUGE fan of mosaic. I've done a ton of it myself and am about to start on the front of my enclosure right this minute, but I am not personally in favor of fully exposed tile outdoors in a snow/rain/freeze/thaw climate, and especially not on non-vertical surfaces ala an igloo oven. Same goes for masonry on the horizontal. Keep in mind that getting the tile to stay put with an exterior rated thinset is only your first hurdle. Grout isn't ever going to be 100% waterproof, so at the very least I would consider using some sort of waterproofing membrane between your oven insulation and the exterior finish unless you intend to put a roof over your oven to at least keep the weather off of it. Losing a few tiles to the freeze/thaw cycle every season I think one could live with. Having your oven not work right or worse because of water penetration, big huge no.
      Unless global warming has made PA the tropics now, of course