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Granite for Oven Landing

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  • Granite for Oven Landing

    Can I use granite for my oven landing? What do others recommend? I have a casa 90.

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    Granite is a good choice

    Hi Arthur,
    I think your question got lost in the noise, so I have moved it here, to the Oven Finish section. It's a good question. I think granite is an excellent choice for the oven landing. It looks great, you can color match, it's easy to clean and smooth for moving pizza and pans around. A number of builders have used granite for the landing, and I used it on my indoor oven.

    Highly recommended.

    The landing doesn't get too hot, not much more than 450F where it touches the vent landing, so the granite should hold up well and last.

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      landing options

      Extending past my firebrick of the vent I just have red clay brick, but on either side I have a landing of poured concrete that I pigmented to a color very similar to brick. It's less absorbent than brick but not as smooth as granite, and it's very economical. I think any material that can handle the elements would work well. Tile, including inexpensive granite tile, would be fine. I haven't had much trouble with staining of the concrete.