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aluminum enclosure,is it ok?.

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  • aluminum enclosure,is it ok?.

    Hi there ,
    I have insulated the oven with rockwool (4inches),planning to top that with an aluminum (0.7mm) enclosure.
    question is :"will this aluminum sheet be good enough or should i do stucco instead?".

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    Re: aluminum enclosure,is it ok?.

    I would think that a unitary aluminum dome cover would be a great improvement over stucco. It's waterproof, and resistant to cracking. You may want to put some sort of vent at the top of the dome for any residual moisture to escape.
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      Re: aluminum enclosure,is it ok?.

      Dmun ,
      thank you for responding ,
      The aluminum sheet cover will be in 3 parts ,front,back and body,because it's a barrel shape oven.The parts will be riveted together, so there will be natural holes (tiny) for the moisture to escape as you advised .
      I'v already started cutting the pieces needed using a thin plate on an angle grinder.Thickness of the sheets used are little less than 1/32 inch.Soft and easy to deal with .
      Thank you again .


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        Re: aluminum enclosure,is it ok?.

        If you search you can find solid pop rivets for this type of application. I would highly recommend going that route, and make sure they are aluminum whatever you use to avoid a galvanic reaction. Water is your ovens biggest enemy and is will seep in even tiny holes, a purpose built vent of some sort would be much better. I'm currently building a new oven and it too will have a metal enclosure so I will need the same thing. I'll reply here if I run across anything good.


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          Re: aluminum enclosure,is it ok?.

          Thanx for the advise , i will make sure there is NO water running through to the bricks.
          as for the rivets i'm gonna be using , they are blind rivets and they seem to leave no holes after they're popped.
          if there are gaps ,they can be filled with epoxy,(dough type).


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            Re: aluminum enclosure,is it ok?.

            this is how the aluminum sheet looks on the oven.