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  • Dome Finish

    I'm finally in the home stretch the knowledge from this community has been awesome this far. I need one last piece of advice on what to finish the dome with. I've got it all done but for the very last layer and I'd like to do a nice smooth render and likely include some color in the render. So, what materials and techniques do you all recommend that I use?

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    Re: Dome Finish

    I use 4:1:1 sand, Portland cement, lime with reinforcing fibres added and apply it about 15mm thick in one coat then wrap the whole thing in cling wrap for a week. You could also use a proprietary mix, but it may be difficult to find out its contents and their ratios. The lime in my recipe gives the coating some elasticity. Some other members have also reported good success using an acrylic render/stucco.I apply the stuff with a bricklayers trowel and when done sponge the whole thing for a nice finish.
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      Re: Dome Finish

      Thanks David. I already have a layer with expanded steel lath and another layer of plastic cement/sand/lime with fibers on the dome. Its probably 1"+ at this pont. Structurally its not going anywhere.

      I'm looking for a nice smooth coat for the last. Right now I have a few loose fibers sticking out and some tool marks. I was thinking about the thick lime wash with cement from another thread but I have about 1/2" to fill between the current level and the front arch. I may just use the mix you mentioned to get the height needed and then do the lime wash unless the fine folks here have any other options?


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        Re: Dome Finish

        I recommend using a product made by Dryvit. As David mentioned it is acrylic - making it waterproof. It comes in any color you want. Application is somewhat hard as it is like using thick paint with sand in it. Someone here made a form that spun around and they got a very symmetrical finish (mine wasn't ).
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