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Venting an indoor oven

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  • Venting an indoor oven

    I am planning to build a small pizza oven in my kitchen. The way I planned to vent it is through a chimney that used to vent the old coal/oil furnace in the basement. The chimney is currently unused. It is doubly lined in steel. Problem is, the chimney runs behind where the pizza oven will be. Can I place a diagonal angled extension onto the flue so I can vent it through the chimney? Any other ideas?

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    Re: Venting an indoor oven

    The old flue is more than likely galvanized steel, you need stainless steel fluing for a wood burner as the moisture and juices out of a wood burner eat the galvanized away in weeks.
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      Re: Venting an indoor oven

      Replace the flue like brickie says. Then you have a couple options.

      1. Talk to a local mason about the angles in a chimney allowed under your local building/fire codes. Depending on the location of the oven in relation to the flue, it may work.

      2. Do a search on a "squirrel tail oven". The Masonry Heater Association has one on its site from a past annual meeting. The squirrel tail has a vent in the front of the oven, but a "tunnel" is built on top of the dome that connects to a flue at the back of the oven.