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Depth of Landing and vent arch

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  • Depth of Landing and vent arch

    Ciao Tutti
    I am in the design stage of my oven. I am looking to build an 850mm diameter oven.
    Most I have seen have a landing and vent arch that seems to be one or one and a half brick lengths deep, with a 4-6" flue. All of these, without exception, have smoke stained fronts, so I guess the flue size is too small.
    From my reading I believe I should have an 8" flue. To do this would involve extending the depth of the vent arch and landing.
    Is that a problem? The only drawback I can see is having to lean further into the oven to light the fire.
    Also I would like to make a masonry chimney, rather than steel.
    Any advice is most welcome.
    Grazie tanto