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Crap, some help on the face

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  • Crap, some help on the face

    Crap, i started to enclose my oven with 1/2" concrete board and have installed it all around the sides and back.
    the front of the oven i just have it installed on top half so i can complete the arch etc.

    my problem is a miscalculated when building my brick arch not figureing the brick needs to stick out from the board.

    Can i use 1/4" on the bottom half and tape the seem where they meet, put a skim coat of mortar on the seem to blend it, then apply stone veneer?

    See attached bad drawing

    Any help would be great.


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    Re: Crap, some help on the face

    What does it matter if the arch brick are recessed?


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      Re: Crap, some help on the face

      Problem is the arch is built already and some if the bricks are set to stick out 1/2 inch from the board and some are recessed

      I'm not a mason and just proved it

      My thought was if I went with 1/4" it might mask it slightly



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        Re: Crap, some help on the face

        So, a 1/4" is all you would be gaining. I don't this making a difference with a stone veneer.
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          Re: Crap, some help on the face

          If you want to hide a mistake, it seldom works to try and make it smaller, make it larger and it will look intentional. If you are working with a +/- of 1/4" on the arch brick, make the arch revel 3/4"-1" and it will not be seen.