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house brick max temp

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  • house brick max temp

    Hi I want to use normal house bricks as a chimney but not sure if they will handle the temp of the flue . I an going to have a hole inside of about 160mm square or 270mm square. I think it will be about 2.6m high
    My oven will be 800mm diameter and about 500mm high. with the door opening at 410mm across by 300 to 330mm high
    wanting to know opinions there are . thanking you in advance

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    Re: house brick max temp

    I'll be interested in what answer you get. I've done my dome with house brick. I'm told the bricks are fired at 800-1000 deg.

    I still curing my oven so I don't know how well it will preform for another week.


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      Re: house brick max temp

      Clay house bricks vary enormously in terms of suitability for a WFO. They are after all designed for houses not ovens, however many clay house bricks are suitable, you should be fine using them for a chimney, probably ok for the dome and maybe for the floor. Try not to use the wire cut bricks with holes in them, but use solid bricks instead. Some builders report success with house bricks, while others report spalling and cracking.if you want to be more sure of a bricks suitability then use the more expensive fire bricks.
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        Re: house brick max temp

        I don't think you'll find a problem. My dome and hearth are firebrick but the entrance chimney and now the whole oven are covered with brick splits. They are not all commons either there are a mixed bag.
        My chimneys as wide as the the oven door 450 mm (18 in) expanding to 500mm
        (20 ins) and is 120mm (5ins deep). All the gases and smoke have time to expand and escape without being forced into a smaller and smaller space. Chimneys only as high as the dome so its pretty short,so higher winds you can get the smoke blow down. But the oven position that's rare. I don't have smoke stains.
        With well made brick commons you should find any problems. All these ovens in Aust seem to be working for years. I would build tomorrow with commons or pressed clay pavers without a worry.
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          Re: house brick max temp

          Thats some good news, I think, I've been curing my oven over the past few days and will increase the fires this week for my first attempt cooking this weekend.

          Only time will tell how it gos, but I for a first oven I'm happy enough with how it looks, but keen to see how she performs.


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            Re: house brick max temp

            Thanking you all for the comments and I think I will be ok . thinking of using the 1st 2 or layers of my chimney with fire bricks and as it leaves the hight of the dome will use normal house bricks. I am taking many pics as I go and putting them on my facebook. so if you wish to look and comment please add me as a friend .


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              Re: house brick max temp

              Why don't you post your pics here on the forum for those of us who are not facebook fans?
              Build Link............... Picassa Photo Album Link


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                Re: house brick max temp

                Thanking you for the comment . I have taken close to 100 pics but will upload here some only so as not to bore you with every procress pic . BUT feel free to comment good and bad things I have done as I am learning as I go.
                Thanking you all that have left remarks for me
                I hope this will work this is the link to pics I am putting up



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                  Re: house brick max temp

                  I can't help you with the house brick question but I can say pictures are not going to bore anyone here. I personally love seeing progress pictures. I think the forum as a whole does also. They can be used for those who follow to learn from, or for the veteran builders here to provide guidance based on their experiences.

                  Good luck with the build, thanks for the pictures and keep them coming.