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Help on shaping FB

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  • Help on shaping FB

    Could some one detail how to shape fire brick?
    I'm referring to a post I saw where the brick
    In arch going into flew had a radious shaped on
    Them... Does one use a belt sander?? But I
    Like the idea of taking off that shoulder to help
    Air flow up the flu.

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    Re: Help on shaping FB

    Just use your wet brick saw and take small cuts, you a can use the sides of the blade to feather the cuts although it does wear the blades out quicker. You can use an angle grinder with a diamond cup to do rough removal as well.
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      Re: Help on shaping FB


      I wouldn't go crazy trying to contour your chimney flue....the flow is sooo slow, it will find its way out around sharp edges etc. Most important is that you have sufficient chimney flue area to accommodate the smoke...otherwise, it will come out the front.

      Where in PA are you located?


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        Re: Help on shaping FB

        Jeep I'm in Dover township York co
        On the shaping got it. I did read for a 42"
        I want a 8x8 flu.