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  • My DIY WFO

    Hi Guys

    I just thought I would post this to say thank you. After spending hours on this site and others, researching how to build a WFO, over the last 2 months I took the plunge and built one. I went for the barrel or vault design as my primary goal is roasts and breads, in time I will post a series of pictures and write ups detailing how the thing was built ?

    My little girl turned 2 last week and we had a party for her over the weekend, the oven cranked out 50 pizza?s and they were amazing, each and every one !!!

    I put an oven thermometer in the exact spot where the pizza?s were cooked and the temp hit 600 deg C which I think is well over 1000 deg F, depending on how the individual liked the pizza and how close the pizza was to the fire, they were cooked in anything from 90 ? 180 seconds. The oven took around an hour to get up to temperature.

    The structure has held up brilliantly, a couple of hair line cracks but nothing structural. I will now put the insulation layer over the brick work and render the structure before the summer rains in Africa. The only other things I plan on doing at this stage is a door for the wood chamber under the oven, a door for the cooking chamber, possibly extending the flue by around 3 foot and then putting a cowl on the flue.

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    Re: My DIY WFO

    Looks good. Can't wait for more details.