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will this support a brick chimney?

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  • will this support a brick chimney?

    I'm starting to lean heavily towards building a brick chimney whereas I had planned to have a simple SS flue sticking out the top of my oven. Please see attached pics. I need to pour a small concrete beam to fill the gap in the attached image between the brick arch and the flue. I'm considering the following to support a brick chimney, probably a max of 4 or 5 courses high + a cap I'll cast myself:
    If I pour a concrete slab to fill the gap behind the arch and extend it over the top of the oven and around the flue, spreading out around the chimney about 150mm and resting on the vermicrete will the vermicrete layer provide enough support behind the flue area to build the brick chimney on it?
    I'm hoping by spreading the load the vermicrete would be able to take the weight. I dont want to have to damage the existing insulation as it performs really well.



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    Re: will this support a brick chimney?


    I am a little confused about the gap in your pic. But, if you place some plastic over your vcrete (to keep from adding more mosture to your insulation), and make a suitable reinforced form, you should be ok.

    Over kill, I know, but this the way. that I did it.

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      Re: will this support a brick chimney?

      Thanks Gulf, that's a beautiful job on your chimney. Lovely workmanship! Well done. Its a high looking chimney!
      My oven is a kit and the entrance arch came as a 3 piece section. I slid the top piece tight to the dome to avoid a gap resulting in that small gap at the front.