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Chimney Stainless vs. Clay.

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  • Chimney Stainless vs. Clay.


    Looking for some input on chimney construction and materials. I am building a 36" oven. I have already purchased an eight inch round section of clay/ terracota flue. I am now having second thoughts. I didn't really want to go the Forno stainless route from a cost and asthetic point of view. However now thinking about the cost of the extra bricks and a chimney top in copper (like I had in mind) I may as well do the stainless and not worry about cracking and engineering. The light weight is also a selling point as I don't have to worry about if my arch will support the extra weight of the flue and surrounding bricks.

    Thoughts and opinions welcomed.



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    Re: Chimney Stainless vs. Clay.

    I went the stainless steel option for my oven (Redgum Roarer). It is in two sections(1200mm each), which means I have the option to easily pull the top section down if I have to clean it.

    Is you oven out in the open and away from other strctures?
    How high up do you want the flue to go?

    If your flue needs to go up high, stainless tends to either require some sort of mounting collar (in base) to support it or a nearby structure to get a fixing point part the way up.....unless its quite short.

    I chose stainless partly because it didn't really require local council building approval like a brick flue would tend to in my area.

    My oven is basically an exposed igloo look and I didn't want the flue to dominate (eg. take the focus off the dome).
    Yet I like brick as well. I suppose if you have an oven where the dome isn't exposed a lot of the oven front/flue area becomes more the exposed feature.......then again their are a whole range of possibilities to getting it to fit in with the local surroundings.

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