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Chimney question -- fire hazard

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  • Chimney question -- fire hazard

    I am installing a Forno Bravo Casa 110 pizza oven inside my post and beam barn. The barn has a high pitched roof on the main part and a shed roof on the rear portion of the barn, where the pizza oven will be. The stack will be coming through the shed roof portion and we are not planning on building a high chimney. Therefore, the chimney will not be above the high peak of the main part of the barn. The roof on the barn is cedar shingles.

    My concern is the chance of starting a roof fire. We are planning on putting a spark arrester on the top of the chimney. We have heard of a liquid fire retardant that can be sprayed on the roofing material.

    Has anyone out there dealt with a similar situation? Any suggestions?


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    Re: Chimney question - fire hazard

    Personally, I would follow national fire code or any guidelines set by your local officials. I believe national fire code requires that any chimney rise a minimum of 2' above the highest point of any structure within 10'. If in doubt, run it by your local fire officials.



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      Re: Chimney question -- fire hazard

      Hi Joe,

      I moved this to the Chimney/Finish section. RT has it right. If you follow the directions with the DuraVent system, and the fire codes of your local building department, you will be fine -- which typically is 24" higher than anything within 10', and a Listed spark arrestor. Always make sure you are compliant with your local building department.

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        Re: Chimney question -- fire hazard

        Especially with that cedar roof nearby.
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          Re: Chimney question -- fire hazard

          Yeah, kinda sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, huh? That nice WFO wouldn't look very good surrounded by barn cinders. A tall chimney sounds like the ticket!
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            Re: Chimney question -- fire hazard

            In the UK there is a different (much bigger) clearance specified in the Building Regulations if the roof covering is wood shingles or thatch - check this, it may be similar on your side of the pond.

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