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Enclosure framing - steel studs versus timber

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  • Enclosure framing - steel studs versus timber

    Hi all. The dome is built and I'm ready to enclose it. There are only light duty steel studs available locally - "not for structural use" they say, just for use with drywall where they would be sandwiched on both sides. They do seem toom flimsy to me for framing.
    Is it ok if I just use 2x4 ? I have 2-4 inches of ceramic blanket, and will pour loose vermicultie also.

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    I think you answered you own question "seem too flimsy to me". Most big box stores only carry lightweight steel studs, you need to go to a construction supply house for structural grade. Don't you have a snow load to deal with (something like 24 kg per square foot)?
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      Thanks. I found a place that has 20-guage steel studs - they seem rigid enough for the job.


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        20 gauge is still considered structural steel studs suitable for exterior curtain walls. and is good for 15lb psf at 6'-3"' spacing at 16" on center. You can check here for a good baseline

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          Don't worry if they seem flimsy. That's what Steel Studs are like. Until you get them all built out and covered with backer board. Then it's super strong.
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