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Paintable High Temp Sealant?

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  • Paintable High Temp Sealant?

    I'm at the finishing stages of my build, but have run into a snag with the chimney beauty ring/storm collar.

    I did the cardboard wrap around the chimney when I applied the surface bonding cement to create an expansion gap. The gap has been filled with red, high heat silicone. I want to dress it up a bit and put a trim ring around the base. I jury-rigged the collar out of an old, metal pie pan and it actually came out pretty good. Anyhow, to allow for expansion I didn't make it snug, so I have a gap I need to seal between the chimney and the collar. I'm painting the chimney and collar, but my high heat silicone isn't paintable. Does anyone know of a high heat, paintable caulk? Is high heat even really necessary for this application (it's a double walled chimney that doesn't really ever get too hot).

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    How hot though?
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      For the outer pipe of a double walled flue you won’t have any problems with excessive heat. I think a normal paintable caulk is sufficient. Filling the space between the inner and outer pipes with blanket is also a way of reducing heat transfer to the outer pipe.
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