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Will this anchor plate work?

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  • Will this anchor plate work?

    When we bought our cabin 3 years ago, the previous owners had just replaced the wood-burning fireplace with a gas one. They left the old wood-burning fireplace insert, including the chimney anchor plate, just sitting on the deck. We've had it sitting in our shed since then. But could I use it for my oven?

    It's obviously meant for wood-burning chimney applications, so I'm not worried about its suitability in that regard. My question is mostly about the shape. Most of the anchor plates I've seen are completely open and round on the bottom--a larger area for the smoke to escape up. Would this design block too much of the smoke from getting up the chimney and cause extra soot on the front? Or with good draw is that basically a non-issue?

    I like the price, obviously, but I don't want to use a problematic device.

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    Re: Will this anchor plate work?

    a few measurements would make the reply a little easier.
    You need to work out the area of the chimney diameter and also of the rectangular hole where the smoke would enter the flue.
    The pictures indicate that there is not a very good 'funnelling' of the gases into the chimney. If there is too much of a restriction, then you will more than likely get smoke out of the front arch.
    For example (and I am guestimating from the pictures)
    If the flue is an 8" diameter, then the area will be 50 sq inches. The rectangular supply for the flue looks to be approx 1/3 the flue diameter, lets say to keep the figures simple 3" wide X the length 8" (24 sq inches) + the space between the circumference of the round flue and the rectangular metal frame which is minimal, say 3" wide by approx 1" (3 lhs + 3 rhs =6 sq inches) high.
    Add these two figures and you get 24 + 6 = 30 squ inches that the smoke/gases can flow through. This is 3/5 or 60% of an open 8" flue.
    I would think that this wouls suffice for a gas fire flue but NOT FOR A WOOD FIRED FLUE.
    I certainly would not use it. There is a lot of undoing to correct the problem once you finish your oven.

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      Re: Will this anchor plate work?

      hi Modthyrth take a pair of tin snips and cut the two 1/2 circles leaving the angle in place for strength and support for it to sit on the brick work, it will be fine