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Applying real stone to block

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  • Applying real stone to block

    I put screen around the oven. Now do I put mortar and scratch it? Let it dry and then put the stone on? Or do I put mortar on the screen and apply the stone while it is wet? New at this so be patient with me LOL

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    Re: Applying real stone to block

    I've never worked with real stone, so I can't help you with the specifics of your question. I have used the stone veneer, and the guy who made it told me to spread mortar on the back of the stone like slathering peanut butter on, then just stick it to the concrete block. It worked beautifully. Each piece of veneer is a different size, so it's like piecing together a puzzle, and I didn't want to spread the mortar directly on a section of the concrete block for fear that it would dry out before I found just the right sized piece to fit the space. The peanut-butter method was just right for my pace.

    One of the pros here on this site recommended using Thinset Stone and Tile--said it was even stickier and easier to use. I'm going to try that as soon as my current supply of mortar runs out.

    I know other people here have worked with natural stone, so perhaps they can chime in and give you material-specific advice.


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      Re: Applying real stone to block

      A scratch coat makes a good base to apply stone, but not needed. I wood use the thin set as is better bonding power, and less chance af falling off. With real stone make sure your starter course is dry before you go higher.Then do a few rows a day and you should be fine.


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        Re: Applying real stone to block

        What type of stone is it?
        What is its dimension: Veneer, cobble, rubble, etc?

        This information will help me answer the question.


        Grew up near Pittsburgh, PA where are you at?


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          Re: Applying real stone to block

          Uno, great to see you are still around. A lot of new folks lately could have used your expertise. Hope you have the time to share with us, as in the past.



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            Re: Applying real stone to block

            Yep, we've been missing you!
            "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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              Re: Applying real stone to block

              I just did the same thing this weekend and was told to use Type S Masons Mortar. Havents seen it sicne we pit the stones up so dont know how it held up yet.
              Will post pix later .