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Cantiliver the oven landing?

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  • Cantiliver the oven landing?

    This is a new thread to see what current owners think about their installation and what new builders are thinking.

    There are two issues regarding the oven landing.

    First, how deep the landing is, and how much space is allocated to it.
    And second, whether the landing is created by setting the oven back on the stand, or by cantilevering the landing out in front of the stand.

    I am curious whether oven owners would make their landing smaller or larger, and whether they put it to good use -- or do you prefer using the counters on either side of the oven.

    Also, I wonder whether a cantilevered landing works (or not). Do you like your oven set back on the stand, or if you could do it again, would you make the stand a few inches shorter, and overhang the landing.

    For new builders, what are your plans?

    The landing is a big part of the design and usability of an oven, so I think this could be a helpful topic.

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    Mine will cantilever

    I finished the dome several months ago, but another project has taken priority over finishing the oven. (My wife somehow thinks a working roof is more pressing than a great pizza oven. Go figure!)

    At any rate, I chose to cantilever the landing for
    1. Appearance
    2. Ease of use, being able to work closer to the oven door itself

    But then, I have not finished it yet...so I hope I am not mistaken!

    Anyone else?

    aka PizzaMan


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      Cantilivered landing


      It has been a while since I have dealt with "oven" terminology so here is how I am interpreting the use of landing. From the front of the structure going in towards the hearth one has: the landing, tunnel, and then oven opening to the hearth?

      I do not see much of an advantage to having a cantilivered landing except from an aesthetic viewpoint. It was more important to me to optimize the depth of the landing (deeper means more counter space) versus the overall distance to the the oven opening. The concern for the latter was having a reasonable chance of placing wood into the oven given the length of my reach without having to use some sort of tool.

      I did end up overhanging the "bull nose" bricks used for the landing (and its extension around the gable senclosure structure that was meant as counter space ) about 3 inches for aesthetic reasons.
      Fred Di Napoli