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chimney height

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  • chimney height

    Does anyone know the recommended chimney height for a 36 Inch oven?

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    Re: chimney height

    That's kind of an open question. What did you have in mind for your flue? I built a 42 inch and my flue is around 22 inches high - draws very well. I used 19x8 flue tile.

    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: chimney height

      My oven is a 36" with a three foot length of eight inch flue pipe.

      It draws well.



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        Re: chimney height

        Here is some advice previously posted on another brick oven site.
        The 3-2-10 rule for chimney height only applies to residential home construction and may or may not be a factor in your bake oven chimney. The rule says that a chimney needs to be 3' taller than the point of the roof where it exits AND 2' taller than anything (roof, tree, etc.) within 10' of the chimney. Most of our bake ovens have 3' tall chimneys and draft fine. But if you have lots of trees or other nearby structures that could cause wind induced downdrafts you may want to build taller. You can always add on pipe if you need it. Be sure to put a rain cap on the chimney. The i.d. dimensions will factor in drafting ability -so use a small diameter chimney pipe (Class A) - 6". Just remember to keep the pipe 2" away from combustible materials.
        Fred Di Napoli