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Mortar and a Poratable oven

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  • Mortar and a Poratable oven

    Hi, I am toying with the idea of making a camping portable wood burning oven. Now I know it?s not going to produce the perfect heat, will probably crack, be a bit small and not last very long!! But hay that part of the fun in building it. I have snooped around on this site and basically understand the common rules in building a Pizza oven thermal lagging, heat convection ect, including the Beer Keg idea. (Not ruled that out just yet) but I want this to be quick and dirty put together take apart idea!! I know you can get a dome pizza oven mounted on a trailer, But how do you stop it cracking? My first idea was to build a small dome at first and transport it in foam lined wooden box. Then place a pizza stone or slab on top the fire embers (In stead of insulation under the slab) with the dome just placed on top, then light a fire inside the dome and see what happens. We might be able to modify the design to just cover the fire and place a smaller pizza s stone on a wire stand and cook off of that. The basic principle is the same as cooking on a B-B-Q with a lid. But that?s no fun and doesn?t taste the same. The dome construction can be a metal one lined on the out side, or a clay moulded one lined on the out side (First thoughts were a large flower pot or cement moulded around a wire frame. Any suggestion would be most help full.

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    Re: Mortar and a Poratable oven

    Hi ritche, try to import one from Portugal...they have portable ovens