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When can i mosaic???

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  • When can i mosaic???

    We rendered the oven last week..5 days ago...When can I mosaic it?..does the render need to dry out for weeks?..The weather is rubbish at present..
    i have been collecting lots of stuff...can't wait to get tarted but I'd better not rush it..
    I will be using Kerflex Maxi made by Mapei.......
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    Re: When can i mosaic???

    I don't know, but we all know someone who does.

    Ask Francis in Switzerland. She is the mosaic authority, no question.



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      Re: When can i mosaic???

      Originally posted by shvuntz View Post
      can't wait to get tarted but I'd better not rush it..
      Pardon me while I snicker i sure many of the forum members would enjoy pictures of you getting tarted up.. but this is a family forum

      I would wait until after you have had a few fires to insure that your render is done expanding and contracting. It will also give you a chance to fix any cracks that appear before having a giant diagonal slash throught your Mona Lisa like masterpiece.

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        Re: When can i mosaic???

        Ok, as resident mosaics expert (apparently ) now hear my words.... Um, I just follow the times given on the packet. In this case the adhesive packet which says to wait two weeks before aplying it to mortar and six weeks (!) for concrete. Does it have any guidelines on the product you're using? If it doesn't I would assume that a week should be adequate.

        Just googled that Keraflex maxi stuff, looks good.

        Bruce has go a point though (nice one btw, completely missed that ) - have you fired your oven up at all? I forget, is it cured? Maybe a couple of really big fires (after curing) would be a good idea, to drive out as much as possible of the moisture. Incidentily, I found that the mosaics nicely covered up (and closed) any cracks on the outside of the oven.
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