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  • Spray nozzle

    Hello. I am considering installing a spray (water) nozzle in my oven door and tie-it in to the water distribution system in my house (holding some 3,5-4 bar pressure) by a hose. Anybody having some experience with this? Do I have to worry about spray angles etc.? I am targeting a low capacity nozzle with more of a "water fog" spray to humidify the baking chambre. Any particular type or specification I should aim for?

    Regards from karl

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    Re: Spray nozzle

    I'm all for innovation, but this seems overly elaborate. Why not just keep a hose with a mist nozzle nearby?
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      Re: Spray nozzle

      Hi Karl!

      Interesting idea but...it is so easy to use a clean, never used, metal wand sprayer - and this sounds so potentially troublesome that I have real reservations about the sprayer.

      Some of my concerns include - spraying water ON the dough, controlling the misting to be consistent, potential erosion of the bricks if the steam consistently lands in the same area, and general concern for something to go wrong. Ovens are really simple but they each have their personality and take some learning and the injection idea seems overly complicated and more to learn - and potentially prevent you from learning.

      OTOH, it would be a pretty simple dismantling job if you decided it was not good, so...there isn't a lot to lose.

      IF you do it, I think you want fine mist - and, probably away from the bread.

      Good luck!


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        Re: Spray nozzle

        [QUOTE]controlling the misting to be consistent/QUOTE][QUOTE]Why not just keep a hose with a mist nozzle nearby?/QUOTE]
        Valid concern and good suggestions. I have tried the "nearby host" and the trouble is to adjust it to the right low flow/ mist(fog) characteristics each time without spilling and spraying on the oven floor/wall and bakery while trying. So the idea was to have a consistent water fog emerging at a preset (wide) angle already from the start.


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          Re: Spray nozzle

          If you are simply trying to humidify the oven, why not mop or spray before putting in the bread and then place a pan or can of water inside?

          I have used the "can" method with a couple of roasts and the oven was "fog my glasses" humid when I opened my door.
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            Re: Spray nozzle

            I will try the pan. The nozzle may very well be an "overkill" as indicated by dmun. Thanks for all advice and comments!