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Pavers for decorative arch?

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  • Pavers for decorative arch?

    I'm having a really hard time finding any "solid" burgundy-colored bricks to use for my decorative arch. They all have holes in them. Is there any reason I can't use clay pavers instead? They seem to be regular solid bricks by another name. I can't think of any way to use the "holey" bricks without having holes showing somewhere (at least with the design I have in mind).

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    Re: Pavers for decorative arch?


    The most common pavers are made from concrete. I would try and avoid it if possible - considering where you live it may be better to shop a bit more. Have you looked into turning the bricks on edge/end to hide the holes? I don't know what your plans are but many masons do this all the time.

    Good luck!

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      Re: Pavers for decorative arch?

      Daren, here in SoCal I've seen a couple of brick/stone places that have the smaller 2"-3" "cobblestone" chunks that are meant to set in concrete or sand for driveways and walkways, usually in a arched or curved pattern. They have them in burgundy color. Unless I find something better, I plan on using them, doubled up, for my outer decorative arch and keystone. They are squarish, 2"+ square so that's why I'm putting them side by side for a roughly 5" wide, decorative outer arch. I guess they are made of concrete so Les' concern might be a factor. Good luck, can't wait to see the outcome.Dino
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        Re: Pavers for decorative arch?

        Over here in South Australia, we a have a brick maker who sells heaps of 4" fired clay pavers for the construction of the entire oven dome and hearth.
        Russel Jeavons used solid clay bricks for his domes (as he had supposedly built 5 dome ovens) and uses 2 layers of 2" fired clay pavers for his restaurant commercial oven hearth.
        So long as they are foired at over 1000?C, you should not have a wory in the world.
        Littlehampton bricks fire all their clay bricks and pavers at 1200?C.


        PS. Stay well away from conctete bricks or pavers.
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          Re: Pavers for decorative arch?

          "pavers" is the term of art in the brick industry for bricks without holes. If indeed they are fired clay bricks, which you should be able to tell at a glance, you should be good to go.
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            Re: Pavers for decorative arch?

            Cool, thanks everyone! I'll go with pavers then, making sure they're fired clay.
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