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how high should the chimney be?

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  • how high should the chimney be?

    I am building an outdoor oven and need to know how high the chimney should be? I don't want it to be too tall so it looks weird. I will be using an 8" in diameter pipe. Is 36" tall enough or do I go with a 5 ft pipe?

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    Re: how high should the chimney be?

    Hi J,
    The taller your chimney is, the better your draw will be.. How close will your chimney be to any other structure ? How big is the oven ? I wold go with the 5 foot as long as I had clearance form other structures, you could also use the shorter piece and add on later if the shorter piece didnt work out well..



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      Re: how high should the chimney be?

      Your chimney needs to be two feet above any structure within ten feet, according to building code. Other than that, it's your choice. People even run ovens without chimneys, although I don't know how. They must not like their eyelashes very much.

      If it's just aesthetics, you can design a chimney enclosure to make any height chimney look fine. Look through the photos and you'll get plenty of ideas.
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        Re: how high should the chimney be?

        don't worry about the looks at this stage. Get it working right and also meeting the regulations, then worry about changing the looks.
        Mine is 10 foot high running through a patio roof with a spark arrester and hood atop but it's the oven performance that is my main concern.
        It all works a treat.

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          Re: how high should the chimney be?

          On a stand alone oven, 2 feet should do it.