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Chimney questions

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  • Chimney questions


    I am installing a casa 80 which will be covered above by an aluminum patio cover. Any suggestions on how to run the 6 inch stainless chimney stack? I would like to go straight through the cover but am unsure if heat from the stack would warp the patio cover over time. As it is, the top of the stainless stack if I did not extend it would be 3 feet from the top of the patio cover. The issue here is that the smoke may discolor the top of the patio cover. The other option is to run a few 60 degree angles and send the stack out the side of the patio cover so I would not have to cut a hole in it. Does angles in the stack decrease the efficiency of the draw into the oven? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Chimney questions

    30 degrees is the maximum recommended offset for chimneys, and code (and common sense) will not let you vent below the roof. You will want to get a flashed sleeve to run your pipe through the cover, and local code and layout will determine exactly how high it needs to be.


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      Re: Chimney questions

      local code and layout will determine exactly how high it needs to be.
      The general rule is two feet above anything within ten feet, so you most likely are going to be fine. I'd run the pipe through the roof: those wiggly layouts always look weird to me, and the angles aren't cheap either. The outside of the insulated chimney system, particularly near the top, don't get hot much at all. Some flashing and roofing cement and you should be good to go.
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        Re: Chimney questions

        You should have a double flue. If your ss flue pipe is 6" then the outer flue (which does not have to be stainless) should be 9" There are cowls that you can buy which will fit this double flue configuration ie. securing the two flue pipes in position at the top.
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