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Fire Brick in either New Jersey or NY

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  • Fire Brick in either New Jersey or NY

    Hi all. Does anyone know where one can get fire brick in either Brooklyn, or New Jersey?

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    Re: Fire Brick in either New Jersey or NY

    Progressive Brick. Prices worth the trip. Reds and beige, splits and full, and all sorts of flue tile, as well as heatstop in ten and fifty pound packages.
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      Re: Fire Brick in either New Jersey or NY

      Also do a search for Boiler Repair or Furnace Repair; do another for Fire Brick and one for Refractories (or Refractory...). I got my brick in upstate New York from a place that supplies a lot of the boiler and furnace repair folks. They have a complete line of 9" straights, arch brick, tile, ceramic fiber blanket, mortar... I know that the same type of place has to exist down in your neck of the woods! Heck, there used to be a good sized warehouse in Kearny, NJ (A.P. Green Refractories had it there before they closed their doors.
      IF you can locate it, find Sairset mortar! By A.P.Green's successor. It takes a great set on drying so brick do not slide much as you lay them. It contains some sodium silicate (water glass) so when it dries some hard glass forms, acting like a glue. I used that between rings and for the approximate first 1 inch or so between the brick on the 'hot face'. When I finished a ring, I came back with the home-brew mortar that contains some fireclay. This made me feel more secure regarding the quality of each joint.

      I have had some minor expansion cracks form from repeated firings. Those are expected. And the insulation can easily take any hot gases that might make it out and any temperature hot-spots as well.

      I used a partial bag of a 2500 F. Castable Refractory - NOT an insulating castable - to help close in my oven at the top of the dome. This required that I be careful during the initial heatpup/dry-out to make sure it did not heat up too fast and pop. After that was done I let my fires rip and get to a completely clear dome in @ 45 - 55 minutes.


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        Re: Fire Brick in either New Jersey or NY

        France J H Refractories Co Greenpoint Div Long Island City, NY sells firebrick (right over the border in queens). Not the cheapest, progressive is less expensive for instance, but if you don't have a truck, it might be cheaper with tolls and mileage. I decided it was not worth the hassle of going to NJ for the brick only winding up having to go to Progressive to get the HeatStop50.

        France has a $250 minimum for the brick. They do sell the floor tiles in the same material as well if you want fewer joints on the floor but that is another subject.