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Vermiculite/Perlite in NW Arkansas

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  • Vermiculite/Perlite in NW Arkansas

    Hello. I have tried the typical box stores for the vermiculite and nothing. Its available for viewing online but not for internet purchase/shipping...

    I like in Boone County and would like to find a local supplier but will order it if it becomes necessary. Anyone have a source for it?

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    Re: Vermiculite/Perlite in NW Arkansas

    I have tried the typical box stores for the vermiculite
    It's not a big box item, especially in the 4 cu ft bags you need. Try garden suppliers, especially wholesalers, or pool builders. You can get it online but the shipping is more than the material.
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      Re: Vermiculite/Perlite in NW Arkansas

      I have found "Vermiculite attic insulation and fire retardent product" in large bags at Menards for about $10 a bag. You can see this on their website. I used that to fill the void around my Casa2g100 enclosed in steel stud frame/cement board. Second cure fire at 275 degrees for 8 hours, then put on the door, heat at 125 degrees over a day later.....that stuff REALLY holds the heat when coupled with the FB blanket insulation....I filled it to the roof with only a few inches of airspace at the top.....so far so good.