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Fireclay in Central Indiana

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  • Fireclay in Central Indiana

    I'm building 42" pompeii in Terre Haute, IN
    The stand is finished and I just poured the vermicrete layer two days ago Hoping to start laying the floor firebricks over the weekend. The main problem is that I cant find fireclay locally. The places that sell firebricks don't sell fireclay(???????). Does anyone knows where to get it in central Indiana? Can I replace fireclay with other product? Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Re: Fireclay in Central Indiana

    This may be a start for you.

    Heat Stop - High Temperature Resistent Refractory Mortar
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      Re: Fireclay in Central Indiana

      Fireclay is a standard brickyard item. It's also stocked by ceramic suppliers, and refractory dealers. I find it odd that your firebrick vendor doesn't carry it.
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        Re: Fireclay in Central Indiana

        Thanks MetalHead. Got a #50 bag of fireclay after a short trip to Indianapolis. As was as suprised as dmun that some masonry vendors (all in Terre Haute) stocking firebricks don't sell plain fireclay. They offered me all kinds of refractory mixes to mortar firebricks but as I understand the floor has to be set "loose" on top of the vermicrete using just fireclay+sand paste.... Am I right or I'm missing something?


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          Re: Fireclay in Central Indiana

          I too had your problem of not being able to get fire clay. All the places that I went to that said they had fire clay were actually calling the high temp mortar fire clay. HOWEVER, when you start cutting your bricks you will produce MORE then enough fire clay that you can use to mix with your sand. If you are cutting for your 1st chain or shoulder course you should get enough for your bottom leveling course.



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            Re: Fireclay in Central Indiana

            Sergio: yes, all you need to place your floor down is that pasty mix of fireclay, sand, h20.
            In theory, if you have to replace a brick in the future (it chips or something)it can be removed/replaced easily. The slurry or paste helps us set the bricks so that the floor is flat and level in case your floor bricks are slightly irregular or your vermicrete is not perfect. You use just the thinnest amount to tap the floor brick down to level with the bricks next to them. My insulation floor pieces (FB boards) varied at the joints so the slurry mix helped me get a flat, level floor. I used a toothed trowel to put it down and let it ooze out the sides as I tapped them down.

            PS: if you are doing a herringbone pattern floor, the odd edge that sticks up here or there is never a problem. Pans slide right over them. However, I did take grinder to a couple edges at the entry that everyone could easily see .
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