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Building Materials in Vegas

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  • Building Materials in Vegas

    I am getting ready to start my oven build in the next few months so I am seeing what material prices are here locally. I just made a trip to Cemex here in North Las Vegas (I drive by it everyday on my way to work) and these are the prices they quoted me. It seems that these are reasonable prices but I thought I would run it by the forum and see what you guys think.

    Firebrick 4.5" x 2.5" x 9" for $1.20 and 4.5" x 1.25" x 9" for $1.05.

    Fireclay 50lbs for $8.00

    Gray Specmix 94lbs for $5.60

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    Re: Building Materials in Vegas

    prices look good to me, i am in Vegas and just poured our patio and started the block stand...

    have you found vermiculite or the FB Board Panels?


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      Re: Building Materials in Vegas

      Looks like you are well ahead of me. We are expecting a baby any day and my wife doesn't want any new projects until she adjusts to another kid. I was thinking about ordering the FB board but haven't looked locally. I am thinking about doing an igloo style oven with stucco and covering it with mosaic tile so I won't need vermiculite to fill an enclosure. I will probably spend the money to buy some extra insulating blanket and do like three inches before I put on the stucco. I am also going to add an extra inch or two of cladding to the outside of the dome for additional thermal mass as my wife and several of her friends really like to bake bread. Let me know if you find any insulating board or blanket here locally.

      What type/size of oven are you building? What part of Vegas are you in? We live up in Aliante on the North side of town.