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Mouldable firebrick

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  • Mouldable firebrick

    Hi all,

    Glad to find this great forum.
    I've been wanting to build a pizza oven for a few years now! To be honest. I'm no closer to the dream! What I can do is source my materials and plan. I live in the West Midlands (birthplace of industry incase you didn't know!) So have no problems sourcing bricks, but I did think that firebricks were prohibitively expensive, until I saw this mouldable firebrick on eBay (no I'm not selling it). Has anyone else used this stuff or seen it? Any opinions would be appreciated as I have no experience.

    Thanks in advance, Rushdog

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    Re: Mouldable firebrick

    This is new to me. Here's the ebay link:

    Mouldable Firebrick Make Fire Brick Cement 12.5kg on eBay (end time 17-Oct-10 17:00:41 BST)

    I cant find a direct link to the manufacturer, Purimachos Ltd, but they seem to be a maker of castable refractory concrete, which is what I suspect this is.

    I suspect that it's not actual firebrick clay, which would have to be fired under pretty specialized conditions to work.
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      Re: Mouldable firebrick

      That appears to be a repair product, and would end up costing much more than firebrick, since by my calculations you would get only three or 4 standard sized bricks, or about 10 pounds per brick. Plus the effort of molding them and the question of suitability.


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        Re: Mouldable firebrick

        You can get a product that resembles " plastcine", its called RAM. It is used in the refractory industry to repair brickwork etc. It gets its name because you use a hammer and ram it into the void that requires repair. very expensive way to make bricks. Some grades are air setting, some are heatset.


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          Re: Mouldable firebrick

          I found the stuff too when i started my research, plastic mouldable refractory, at Industrial Firebrick here in Michigan. I had the bright idea that i was going to find a dog igloo for a mould and hammer the stuff around it. When i couldn't find one the right shape, i got a couple of 36" balloons from the novelty store with the idea that i would paper mache them, cut one in half and have a friend of mine fill it with expandable packing foam. My 10 year old son and i had one finished and resting... when it exploded. We got the stuff cleaned up off the ceiling before my wife caught us... the FIREBRICK oven is finished in my back yard, waiting for the final coat of stucco and stone veneer on my stand