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calcium aluminate cement (CAC)

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  • calcium aluminate cement (CAC)

    Having a hard time finding Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) in Chicago land area. Anyone have a clue? It would be a great help and very appreciated !

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    Re: calcium aluminate cement (CAC)

    Hi Pozzi
    I am 200 miles north in central/northern Wisconsin, but here is a Chicago business that seems to be in the business The Leader in Monolithic Refractories Technology | Plibrico Company LLC

    Tell me if they are helpful.

    John in Merrill


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      Re: calcium aluminate cement (CAC)

      Any refractory dealer should have it. The place where you get your board/blanket should stock the refractory cement as well.
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        Re: calcium aluminate cement (CAC)

        Ask for 'Ciment Fondu'. Our local refractory called it 'Fondu'.
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        Lee B.
        DFW area, Texas, USA

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          Re: calcium aluminate cement (CAC)

          Hi Pozzi
          I don't know if you are past the search for a dealer in your Chicago area, but this is the note I recieved back from a rep at ANH/Harbison-Walker when asking about product and dealers in my central WI area for a WFO build.


          We may be referring to different things when you ask for information about cement, so let me answer your question in different ways.

          1) If you are asking about calcium aluminate cement that you intend to add to a high temperature aggregate and sand to produce your own high temperature concrete for casting fireplace shapes, then we can't help you. Harbison-Walker does not sell calcium aluminate as a product. It is likely, however, that you can purchase some from a local builders' supply yard or a redi-mix dealer.

          2) If you are looking for a formulated high temperature concrete that you mix with water, then cast into shapes, I suggest that you purchase SENTINAL RC PLUS. This concrete is bonded with calcium silicate cement and has a service temperature of 2200F. For outdoor applications where the refractory needs to resist weathering as well as high temperatures, we find that calcium silicate-bonded products do not deteriorate as fast as calcium aluminate-bonded refractories. If you have a reason to want a calcium aluminate-bonded concrete, then I would order KS-4 PLUS.

          3) If I totally misinterpreted your question and you are inquiring about a mortar to bond bricks together, then order MORTAR MIX 413. This product was developed specifically for building outdoor ovens and is bonded with calcium silicate cement.

          You can inquire about pricing and availability for any of these products by contacting Steve Tirtel (e-mail address above) in Harbison-Walker's Calumet City, IL Distribution Center. Our DCs can ship UPS and they take credit cards, so you will find it very easy to do business with them.

          Tom Kleeb
          Manager-Product Technology
          Harbison-Walker Refractory Company

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          Message---->I am interested in using some type calcium aluminate cement to cast parts of an outdoor wood fired oven. I need to find a way to obtain about 500 pounds, possibly more of that kind of material.
          Can you direct me to the correct material or distributors in your network for this kind of refractory type cement?

          Hope that they can help you.