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Material suppliers in Adelaide

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  • Material suppliers in Adelaide

    Hi all,

    New to the forum, looking to undertake a WFO.. Was wondering if anyone would know of good suppliers in Adelaide. I'm having difficulty finding firebrick suppliers and refactory mortar for the dome. Got pretty much everything else sorted, if any one could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :

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    Re: Material suppliers in Adelaide

    I cant help you there (Im on the other side of the planet)...but I know there are several folks from Adelaide on the forum. Have you tried posting on the Australia forum? Or if you search Adeliaide and send messages directly to Adelaide folks....

    Good Luck!


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      Re: Material suppliers in Adelaide

      Hi Rob and welcome aboard.
      Thermal Ceramics at Beverly are a very good start for most of what you're looking for, very helpful and quite reasonably priced.Firebricks are and have been a problem in SA although Littlehampton Bricks make them for round $5.30 each, their seconds when available but they can't/won't tell your their content.. Use their pressed clay pavers at around $1 each as they ae fired at 1200˚C which won't cause you any problems when using it as you will only get to around 500˚C.

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        Re: Material suppliers in Adelaide

        Ok thanks, I have found thermal ceramics and few other suppliers in the area. Thanks for the tips.


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          Re: Material suppliers in Adelaide

          Hello Rob,
          Welcome to the addictive world of WFO's.

          Suppliers I have used in Adelaide are;

          Littlehampton Bricks - for firebrick seconds and fireclay. I used firebricks for the entire oven. The small added cost was worth it.

          Solardome Hydroponics at Chapel Street Norwood and Gladore Hydroponics South Road - for Vermiculite in large bags at a good price

          Energy Efficiency Centre South Road - for fire blankets.

          AB Industries at Salisbury for the flue.

          I used poormans mortar with littlehampton fireclay, bags of washed sand and cement and lime.

          You may also find some of the WFO stores in Adelaide will supply some of the items you need.
          Traditional Brick Ovens at Kent Town is one that I got pizza tools from. I know they also sell the other bits as well.

          Good Luck


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