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Refractory cement

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  • Refractory cement

    I can buy heat stop 50 for 85.00 50lb bag. I can get this stuff called tex kast hs for 47.00 50lb bag. Just wanted to see if anyone kowns about this stuff and if I can use it. I will try and attch product info sheet.


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    Re: Refractory cement

    While I am not an expert, from what I can make out of that image, that would seem to be the right sort of stuff.

    FWIW, many on this forum (myself included) have built their ovens using homebrew mortar made from 3:1:1:1 sand:fireclayortland:lime. For the price of one bag of the cheaper mortar, you could buy 4 50lb bags of sand, a 47lb bag of portland cement, a 25lb bag of lime, and a bag of fireclay (or use the dust from cutting bricks) and have enough for the whole project plus left overs.
    My build: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f8/3...-dc-18213.html