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Looking for Ceramic Fiber Rope

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  • Looking for Ceramic Fiber Rope

    Hi fellow FB members!

    I'm posting to see if any of you builders have any Ceramic Rope left over from your projects that you might be willing to part with.

    I have an insulated door that needs ceramic rope all the way around, and Just need a length of rope to finish it.

    Anybody out there that can help? If yes, please send me a PM.



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    Re: Looking for Ceramic Fiber Rope

    I don't have any, but you can pick it up anyplace that sells fireplaces or wood stoves. It wan't too expensive, from what I recall--like maybe $10 for a good length of it.


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      Re: Looking for Ceramic Fiber Rope

      Hi azatty,

      Thank you for the tip. I did exactly that! I found a local wood stove store, called them up, and they had the ceramic fiberglass rope in stock (they actually had various widths of rope in stock). So I went out and got a length of rope for around $8. And I picked up some high temp glue to stick the rope to the door and black high temp paint for the inside of the door to protect the metal.

      I'm about to finish my door. Thank you, azatty!!

      The FB community is amazing!