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Found this fire brick retailer in Fenton MO

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  • Found this fire brick retailer in Fenton MO

    I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with this brick supplier. One thing I found interesting is that if you look at the second link it hows some pre-cut firebrick that looks like it might make a nice dome oven.

    It might save on the cost of a tile saw, extra work etc. You would still have to cut some of your brick to fine tune your build but this was the first time I ever saw pieces that were already cut to shape. Of course you have to add the cost of shipping, so these are all factors that must be weighed appropriately.

    I'm new at this so I would suspect someone has already ventured down this road but I did not see any info when doing a search of the forum.

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    Re: Found this fire brick retailer in Fenton MO

    hi cmf,
    i live in illinois about 45 miles from hi-temp. i have purchased all of my wfo refractory materials from them...being one of the few in the St. Louis area who sells retail. they have fire brick, various thickness and sizes of insulation board, several types of the ceramic insulation, morco brand refractory mortars and castables, etc. their website says they carry many shapes of the fire brick but they do have a limited supply of shapes and sizes. i bought the standard size brick and cut them on a wet saw. the only thing they do not carry that i needed was the course vermiculite bales which i dumped over the ceramic insulation to help hold the heat. found the cheapest place was a horticultural supply shop. i don't know what shipping would be to MD but i was able to pick everything up at their shop. tom is a knowledgeable person who runs the shop if you can get over his mumbling voice. good place and i plan on buying from them again in the future on my next oven.


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      Re: Found this fire brick retailer in Fenton MO

      Yeah, I have access to fire brick here in MD and I will just cut my own on a wet saw as well but I was just curious if those pre-cut bricks were worth their use. Thanks for the help.