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Homebrew - Clay in the UK?

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  • Homebrew - Clay in the UK?

    Hi, I'm trying to buy everything I need for the homebrew mix.

    I assume I am trying to find a dry, powdered clay "builders clay" is what is suggested, can anyone point me in the right direction for this?

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    So I found some!! yaya

    I am intended on doing the homebrew cast method, using the 3:1:1:1 mix.

    However, a reputable pottery company suggested using 4:4:1 of Powdered fire clay, brick grog, and cement fondo would be superior/his recommendation.
    Please could I get your recommendation between the two, please?

    david s
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      That could work, but both grog and fondue are considerably more expensive. I think such a high proportion of clay will lead to shrinkage problems and an 8:1 ratio for calcium aluminate cement fondu) is pretty weak. The fondu also has very short working time. For my money I’d be sticking with the tried and true homebrew. But I’d love to see how a different mix would perform. Whichever you settle on you should add the burnout fibres.
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        Thank's as always - I will stick to the homebrew, just wanted opinions.

        Yes I'll certainly get the burn out fibers - need to find them now


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          I'm looking to do the same, can you let me know who you used.

          I found a list of pottery suppliers on this website. Planning to ring a few around. Saw a post from about 10 years ago recommending Travis perkins but wait and see.

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