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    Ok, here goes...

    Silverado Building Materials has been my best source of supply in the Sacramento area. All manner of brick, stone, and bulk materials. Several times a year they have sale events, and they always have a clearance area with good deals. I got most of the brick for my garden beds and the facing of the oven base there from the clearance section for $50 for the pallet. Prices on firebrick are about average, about $1.20 last I checked. They are a good brickyard with good customer service and good selection. When on sale, their materials are quite competitive with the big boxes. For the bulk organic topsoil compost blend we used for our garden, we paid literally about a third of what we would have if we had bought it in prepackaged plastic bags at HD.

    For steel studs, though, I had to do a bit of searching. Apparently, Lowes and HD no longer carry them, and Silverado didn't either. I ended up going to Starr's Building Supply. Good source for specialized wall materials- lath & plaster and finishes, etc.

    The Muddox manufacturing plant is also here just outside of town, right around the corner from Silverado; they sometimes have seconds for sale. They didn't have any firebrick when I checked, but other people have had some luck getting discolored or chipped bricks (fine for our use, but impossible for them to sell otherwise) for half price. I am a big fan of their red firebricks (more of a pale pink, really) for the floor... much smoother and harder than the yellow. They yellow were rougher, softer, and more porous. Easier to cut, but would probably not last as well under frequent use. Apparently, they don't make as many of the red, but being that it's quite literally right around the corner, Silverado usually has them in stock.
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    My oven build is finally complete!

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    Re: materials in Sacramento

    I also should mention- I got a good deal on perlite at Green Acres Nursery, cheaper than anywhere else around (not to mention one of the only places that had significant quantity in stock)

    My oven build is finally complete!