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Vendors in New Jersey

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  • Vendors in New Jersey

    Here's a couple of the dealers I used in my build.

    My local brickyard is Boychuck Stone, on Rt. 22 WB in Springfield, just past Springfield Ave. Great place, huge selection of brick, flue tile, stone, bluestone, free cuts. Problems: They only sell heat-stop in the ten pound bucket. No web site.

    I went to Progressive brick, despite being way up near Teterboro Airport, because they have "red" firebrick. It was also the buck-a-brick place at the time. Red or white, full sized or splits, same price. They have heat-stop in the fifty pound bags. They carry the full line of Rumford throats and fancy chimney pots by superior clay. A note on the red firebrick, don't kill youself to get it. It's not very red, and seems to fade to beige in a few seasons.

    I used eBay vendors for a lot of stuff, including this guy for bag after bag of Perlite. I now notice that he sells the perlite/portland mixture that the pool guys use, but it may be silly to pay to ship portland. This costs more to ship than to buy. I also bought my face brick on eBay.

    I bought my HW insblock19 from Kraemer Gunite down near Philly. It was a closeout on an odd size (2 1/2") so I don't know what they would have now. Nice folks. I found my local Harbison-Walker branch to be less than helpful, but who knows, everybody can have a bad day.

    Of course you're gonna be a regular at the masonry isle of the Home Depot or equivalent.

    Good luck with your build, and chime in with more NYC area sources if you like.
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