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Using Leftovers,Fun Or a waste of time?

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  • Using Leftovers,Fun Or a waste of time?

    So Im getting ready to build an oven...its going to be the first time so I looked thu the net and found some great DIY ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg. But I have been told that this is just a waste of time and i should invest "whatever" I need to do it right.
    Here is my problem:
    OK I give out alot of $$$ build the thing, and then something is not right, gotta give out more $$ to fix it and well you know how that goes...
    If I do the DIY way first and then later a big invest ment i could learn a bit and see the errors before it costs alot.
    any ideas about this?

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    Re: Using Leftovers,Fun Or a waste of time?

    I spent about a year reading and planning before I ever put shovel to ground. You will get lots of good ideas, and it won't cost you a cent. In the time it takes to plan, you can scout around for free/used/surplus materials, which will bring the cost of your oven down.

    There are some costs you can't avoid. You need insulation. There's really no substitute for the vermiculite/perlite homemade stuff, or the refractory boards and blankets, for a little more money. You'll need concrete, and mortar, and rebar. None of these things are particularly expensive by themselves, but they add up.

    By exchanging your own time for the labor of others you will get the satisfaction of doing something youself, from the ground up, and save a few bucks in the process.
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      Re: Using Leftovers,Fun Or a waste of time?

      You can build your first one right, just spend the time to learn how. That said, it certainly does not hurt to spend the time learning on gathering materials when you can get them cheap. All I have to buy for mine are mortar and perlite, I have accumulated everything else I need. A lot also depends upon how willing you are to work to scavenge materials. As an example, every oven contains insulating blankets, and if you watch Craigslist and are willing to salvage them you can get plenty for free (although you might have to pay to dispose of the oven carcasses).


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        Re: Using Leftovers,Fun Or a waste of time?

        Dmun has it in a nutshell. Do your research, make your decisions, source your materials, (but DON"T skimp on your insulation), identify what you CAN DO, ask questions about what you think you can't do and we will help you through it.
        Building an oven is within anyone's capability, all you need is encouragement, a desire to get it done, a few helpers on the side (or accessible) and a few basic tools.

        Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

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