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insulation for Casa2G 100

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  • insulation for Casa2G 100

    I have constructed a stone house for my Casa2G 100. I'm wanting to fill the rest of the enclosure with insulation but nobody in this area has vermiculite. Of course, I have the oven wrapped in the FB blanket but just wanted some more insulation. I saw some blow-in insulation at Home Depot. Is that an option? If not, any other ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: insulation for Casa2G 100

    Blow-in insulation is mostly cellulose. It's paper. You don't want it there. Even if it's loose fiberglass, domestic insulations have organic binders: I'd be suspicious of it unless I read the material data sheet.
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      Re: insulation for Casa2G 100

      Hey Arkansas,

      You don't really have to fill in the gaps with loose vermiculite -- as the oven come with a full 3 x 1" covering of FB Blanket on the top. That said, if you have gaps, it would be nice to add it.

      Don't use anything other than vermiculite or perlite. You should definitely avoid paper and fiberglass insulation products.

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        Re: insulation for Casa2G 100

        Thanks for the info. I just cooked my first pizza last night and it was [I]fabulous!!!!![/I]