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  • Firebrick in So Cal

    Anybody looking for firebrick in So Cal should definately check out Pacific Clay in Lake Elsinore (just off I-5 at Lake Ave on Temescal Canyon Rd.).

    The firebrick I bought for $.25/ea. brand new manufactuer's seconds had some minor color distortion on the flat side and hardly noticeable. Certainly won't be noticed after a few hot fires.

    I've read that some people prefer other brick to Pacific Clay, but the price sold me. You should know this brick is rated for 2300 degrees and normally sells for about $1.07/ea. at the factory. My local brick store was selling medium firebrick for $1.47.

    Call first to see if they have any manufacturer's seconds in inventory and talk with Mike in the Sales Dept. (951) 674-2131. I took the last of what they had for the most recent production run. I was going to buy the entire Pompeii kit but the freight was a killer to my budget.

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    Re: Firebrick in So Cal

    Thanks for the tip. I wish I were closer. It looks like I will be paying about $1.50 locally here near downtown LA where I am.

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