Hi all,

Here in the UK, the climate is prety miserable a lot of the time, with extended periods of cold/damp/wet weather. Therefore, I'm wondering what would be the best thing to use for covering the dome that would not be affected by damp. (I'm guessing that vermiculite would act like a sponge - not ideal!)

Also, I'm still not entirely sure how to insulate the cooking floor (i.e. what to stand the dome on). I have a few ideas, such as several layers of insulating board (of some kind). It's also been suggested that I use a vermiculite/concrete mix. However, I'm concerned that the trapped air in this could cause the concrete to explode/shatter.

Could anyone actually recommend a flexible, heat-resistant mastic to secure the dome to its cooking floor, and to secure the floor to whatever insulation layer I stand it on?

And finally, what are your thoughts on this dome?

Ephrem distribution - Four a bois Mod?le 2061

Thanks in advance...