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Side by side brick ovens

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  • Side by side brick ovens

    I just posted a series of photos of a double brick oven we saw this
    weekend in Genova. They used one side for vegetables and the other
    for pizza (although being Genovese they called it Focaccia), which
    allows them to cook different foods at different temperatures at the
    same time. The restaurant was a tourist trap, but the ovens are
    excellent. Nice tilework. Please try to ignore my bad photography.

    This poses an interesting question. Will anyone ever build a double
    oven in their backyard? Think about how much flexibility it would
    give you for cooking!

    Here is the link.



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    May build double ovens

    You asked whether anyone might build a double oven in the yard. Believe it or not, we are seriously considering it at this time.

    I have been following brick oven construction for years, but have bought into James' analysis of round vs oblong ovens: the former is better for daily roasting and the latter is better for serious baking of large quantities. So were may make accomodations for both, in order the have the best of both worlds.

    We may be chewing off way too much...