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Steel oven - anyone have a Beech or Craig Miller

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  • Steel oven - anyone have a Beech or Craig Miller

    I want an outdoor oven and am not handy enough to build one.

    I live in Sydney Australia and have seen a ready to use oven oven by Beech,

    Also a much cheaper but similar oven from Craig Miller Ironworks

    There is a double skin of steel filled with sand in the cheaper one to act as an insulator.

    Has anyone seen or used either of these ovens?


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    steel ovens - I'm interested, too

    I have seen those ovens on the web pages. They appeal to me because they take less space and weigh less. I've not heard from anyone who actually has one. I have heard that the main thing that is special about a hearth oven is the radiant and reflective heat from the oven ceiling. People have speculated that the steel ovens do not provide this same effect.

    I, too, am interested in hearing actual experiences with these ovens.
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