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Contemplating cob Oven Build-- Costs?

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  • Contemplating cob Oven Build-- Costs?

    Hi guys.

    I would love to make a cob pizza oven.

    My reason being is that I heard that these things are supposed to be pretty cheap to make and pretty easy to build without TOO much disregard of giving the owner of quality pizza and bread-- thus the advantages of having one.

    I guess what I'm second-guessing is just exactly how "cheap" we are talking here?

    I'm pretty much just a broke college.
    I only have $500 USD to spend on this thing-- and I am hoping that is all.
    I remember having a conversation with an individual on here who told me that BRICK ovens could be built for as less as $700 USD, so surely my price range for a COB oven cant be THAT far-fetched is it?

    As far as specifics as to what I want to build-- just the basic stand, hearth and of course, the oven dome.

    I've already got a foundation laid.

    Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks all.

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    Re: Contemplating cob Oven Build-- Costs?

    There is usually a layer of clay beneath the topsoil. If you dig a sufficient quantity, break it up to pieces no bigger than a fist. Let it dry thoroughly, thenplce it on a large sheet of plastic, wet down and proceed to trample it with your feet, it will work up to pretty good mix. E very now and again you pull the corners up which rolls the mix into the middle. This costs nothing except the bit of plastic.
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      Re: Contemplating cob Oven Build-- Costs?

      This thread:

      from the other oven types category talks about the key problem of the cob oven: Keeping it dry. It seems that the typical stucco covering will trap moisture and destroy your oven.

      As with other types of ovens, the more time you spend scrounging for used materials, the lower your costs will be.

      Good luck with your project, keep us posted.
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