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  • 42" Corner Design

    Well? looks like I am about ready to start the first of two pizza ovens (one for me and one for a friend who will be helping me do mine). My oven will be a 42? Tuscan corner/enclosed pizza oven here in the greater Phoenix area which will eventually (hopefully in the next year) be the first phase in building an overall outdoor kitchen covered with a pergola.

    However, since there is not a ?formal? layout in the drawings for a 42? Tuscan corner unit, I wanted to make sure that my overall design is sound as I want to keep the unit as small as possible. So?with that in mind I have attached a couple of drawings that I am hoping some of the experts out there will take a look at. The first is the plan view which I am using to layout my foundation and the second is a 3D plan showing what I am HOPING mine will end up looking like.

    Now, keep in mind that due to my self imposed limitations I have made the following ?major? design modifications:
    ? Reducing the Oven landing to 4? ? I though about completely removing it but I figured that by just reducing it would serve the following functions: (1) Give me a little extra ?fudge? room in case I need it. (2) Give a nice little architectural break between the foundation/ adjacent countertop and the top of the oven.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Is the transition between the oven and the vent landing correctly represented?
    2. Is a 10? deep landing big enough for proper venting?
    3. Does anyone regret getting rid of the oven landing?
    4. Is there anything obvious that I am missing? Thanks!

    BTW?.I love this site!!

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    Re: 42" Corner Design


    I have just started a 42" corner WFO
    as well (well mine is metric so its 1100mm) and my dimensions are very close to yours. I will not have a landing at all but will have the side countertops meeting the hearth at the front rather than the back so the counter will be in easy reach of the oven door.
    Have you considered where your flue will be located? I am working on using a half brick for the first arch and therefore the flue will sit in front of these and through the second arch. I have attached an image (very similar to yours, we must think alike LOL)



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      Re: 42" Corner Design


      I love the design, it looks good to me. It is comforting to know that if my design is flawed that there will be at least one other person helping me find a solution to fix it. lol

      No, I really haven't had a chance to think about the vent yet. It is by far my biggest concern as I just haven't been able to wrap my head around the design/ construction of it yet. I want to do an arched entry but I am still a little shaky on this and so I guess we will see.

      As for the counter top, I thought about lining mine up with the front edge (like your design) but my yard is on the other side and so I wanted a cleaner edge on that side. Have you though about doing a breakfast bar off of one side? That is one thing that I am thinking about doing. And if I will add 18"-24" to the counter top which might make both sides line up.

      Also, when are you starting yours? I started mine this weekend. I have the foundation all formed up and I am ready to pour it this week (I would have already had it poured had I remembered to turn off the sprinklers lol). Also, I did make one small design modification (because the boss told me to do it). I clipped the back corner which removed the void space back there and will make it a little cleaner looking.



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        Re: 42" Corner Design

        Hi Dave;

        I started mine on the weekend and have finished the foundation slab.
        I plan on working out the details of the counters once I have finished the oven, however at this stage I am leaning towards having the counters flush with the front as mentioned and then adding an area at the back to grow herbs which will makwe up the area to the back. I am tossing up making the herb area higher then the counter to form a bit of a splashback to the counter, but I am not sure how that would look so I will do a mock-up when I get to that stage.
        Are you using bricks or blocks for the oven stand? I am going with bricks as a have a few hundred leftover from our house build.


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          Re: 42" Corner Design

          Very nice. What is your overall schedule? I told my wife that I would have it completed within 6 weeks which should translate to a 12 week project lol.

          I am making my base out of concrete block which will eventually be covered in cultured stone. The enclosure will be out of metal studs & 18" slate tile cut in half and then stacked in a brick pattern. As for the counter top, I haven't decided what materials I want to make the base out of but I have a little while until I have to make that decision.

          Have you considered the time savings with using dry stacked concrete block? I only ask as I am very slow with brick and so I stay away from it any time that I can. What are you doing for the top? Are you enclosing it or doing a igloo?


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            Re: 42" Corner Design

            Yes, I have been tossing up buying the blocks or using the bricks I have. I used a lot of blocks at my previous hose for retaining walls and got used to them, but i have done some small brick projects before so feel i should not have too much problems with them. I have a few other projects on at teh same time as this one and depending on the weatehr which one i work on, if it rains i will work on the oven otherwise i have to finish the landscaping in the back yard (1000 square meters). I am planning to polish the concrete on my counter tops.


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              Re: 42" Corner Design

              I think this is exactly what I'm going to start with.