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Diameter to Height ration?

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  • Diameter to Height ration?

    The downloaded instructions show oven diameter to height ratio of 1:2 for low dome and 1:2.7 for high dome (p.13) so it seems to me that a compromise of 1:2.35 (mid way between) would be reasonable. Yes?

    Unable to find firebricks here in the Andes someone who builds fireplaces suggested that we "just make them", so we are. We got some of the "white earth" (lime?) from a layer along a rode cut at a mine, some of the "black earth" locals use for making conventional bricks at a local primitive brickworks where they mushed the two together with water. They are drying and will be fired this week. The brickworks guy has supposedly built many ovens, bread as well as pizza but I remain skeptical. He customarily builds without chimney and suggests a triangular opening instead of arched, I think because it is easier. -- Steve J.