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Here we go... But had a setback already! - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Here we go... But had a setback already!

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  • Here we go... But had a setback already!

    I've completed the first few courses, but in truth it hasn't gone too well. Due to nothing other than carelessness on my part (especially as I have the right tools), the first course wasn't perfectly square, and rather stupidly I figured that I could correct it with each successive course. I did actually manage to do that, but the first two rows of the rear wall were obviously wrong (as viewed from the kitchen window) and I decided that I just couldn't live with it like that. So today, I took out three bricks as you can see, which I will re-lay when it stops raining. Luckily the bond is pretty strong and I had some difficulty with this. At least it didn't collapse! The pointing isn't too great either, but I am not a builder and I am learning fast! There will be another central wall going from left to right, same thickness as the back wall, so the base as viewed from above will look like a letter 'E'. Therefore there will be two log storage bays accessible from the side. Overall size is 1200 x 1500mm, and the oven assembly (which is quite small) will sit on four pavers, each 600 x 750mm. At least (so far) it's all perfectly level, so here's hoping for the best...
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    Re: Here we go... But had a setback already!

    I know every flaw in my oven and there are lots. Fortunately, others do not tend to see them. Think of your masonry work now as practice for the hard task of putting the dome together. I started my build underground to get below the frost line. This allowed me to bury most of my early mistakes.


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      Re: Here we go... But had a setback already!

      The builder tends to notice ALL the mistakes, but most others do not. I say, unless it's going to adversely effect the operation, just keep going and let it add character!

      Good luck!
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