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Location, location...How would you do a setup in our situation?

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  • Location, location...How would you do a setup in our situation?

    Alright everyone- Here's the dirt. New on the site.
    We live in MT. Not only do we live in a windy city, but we live in an area of our town known for even stronger "breezes". There are no trees that provide any wind block. Temperatures run from winters below 0 to summers in the 90's. It is very dry here. Outdoor cooking would probably occur March through October, with outdoor eating more like June-Sept/Oct.
    We are on 5 acres and have a huge deck off the back of the house (south side). As in 2200 sf. But we can't put a WFO on it for obvious support reasons. So the oven will have to be out and beyond the deck stairs. A bit of a walk from our kitchen. Obviously, a WFO never crossed our minds when we built the house.
    So...we are looking at doing more of a full outdoor kitchen structure. Also thinking said structure will need to have a wall on the west side due to wind. Discussing an L shaped kitchen with the WFO either in the N/W corner or on the west wall, concrete countertops, a regular grill space, dining table area, electrical, etc.

    1) Would you do a full height wall on the west side? Cinder block?
    2) Pergola or something like a simple gabled metal roof?
    3) WFO integrated within the countertop setup so that the chimney punches through whatever the roof structure is? My concern about setting the WFO on the 'outside' is that we will lose the wind/elements protection.
    4) What do you think about sticking a fireplace into the area? We do have a firepit in another location. An added expense we don't need?

    Any thoughts?

    We've got to get footings and slab poured soon...